A Tour Of Detroit’s Ghetto: Part 4 Update

I just wanted to give everyone an update on the next Detroit ghetto video. I filmed it last week and got some great footage, and also tracked the route on my GPS which will hopefully (providing I am able to figure it out, editing KML files is new to me) be turned into a google earth tour so that you can see where exactly I went. I got some footage in the Packard plant as well as an abandoned high school, in addition to the usual residential devastation.

I really don’t know when I will be able to find the time and motivation to edit it all as I lost my mother on New Year’s Day, just hours before I was supposed to fly back home. It’s been an incredibly tough time for me this past week and to be honest, editing this video is not ranking real high on my list of priorities at the moment, I’m sure you all understand. I just wanted to say that it has been filmed and I will get it up here as soon as I can.

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21 thoughts on “A Tour Of Detroit’s Ghetto: Part 4 Update


    when you get it done, could you let us know over at FUCKFRANCE.COM

    You have many fans of your work and we are dying to see this latest edition of the failure of liberalism.

  2. Marco

    Sorry for your mourning…

    when yo'll have the time to take a look on these posts, please put some coordinates or addresses (a street's name, or similar)

    I'd like to find more info and photos about Detroit's ghetto, and i need to understand which geographical part of the city it represents!

  3. Anonymous

    Sorry for your loss.
    I am a Michigan resident and find the rapid decline of Detroit and the rest of our once great state a very sad thing.
    The fall of the once great city has many causes all of them interrelated. Politics, the liberal ideal of creating and maintaining a receipient class of people with no motivation to keep the place they live in habitable condition. Corrupt and ineffective city govt that doesn't work to create a safe envrionment or draw jobs to the area. Jobs left because of the high tax rate and high crime rates. The natural cycle of a city's life is also somewhat to blame. It is a terrible shame that the best thing for Detroit now is not just an influx of billions of dollars but a wrecking ball and an army of garbage trucks. Many other citys in Michigan are in the same downward spiral however, none of them equal the devistation that exists in detroit.

  4. Anonymous

    Thanks for that link to detroit is crap. Its a good site I needed to see something like that. My white brother just got jumped by five blacks and the police aren't calling it a hate crime. White people need to wake up and start to unite.

  5. Detroiter

    Why does everyone need to unite? Where were the black people in Detroit saying we need to unite while coleman young was telling us to get back across 8 mile?

    I never hear blacks saying "let's unite". All I hear out of black mouths is slavery, oppression, racism…blahblahblah. The only time i hear the word unite out of a black mouth it's a plea for them to unite against whites.

    The same pretty much goes for hispanics too, you know those organizations like la raza that are calling for unification of the hispanic community all the time, flying the mexican flag.

    It's time to realize that we aren't all the same, our cultures aren't all the same and we'll never break free of racial strife until we seperate voluntarily.

  6. Detroiter

    I forgot to mention, I recently put an article on my site where a black woman got out of her car and beat a 14 year old white kid in the face with a club while screaming "I hate white people".

    The news didn't even mention the racial aspect of the crime in the video, you had to read through the story to find it. The cops aren't even mentioning that it was a hate crime. What would they say if it was the other way around?

  7. Anonymous

    Exactly detroiter. Black on white crime isn't considered a hate crime. Its disgusting. Like I mentioned my brother got jumped by five blacks and they were yelling racial slurs and the politically correct cops won't call it a hate crime. If a white guy punches a black guy and doesn't say anything racial its called a hate crime. Just look at our president hes a racist, they dropped charges on the black panthers. Everything is upside down. I think a lot of white people, well at least the thinking ones are sick and tired of this crap, were sick and tired of blacks and mexicans commiting all the crimes and sucking off our tax dollars. We need politicians who will adress this but no politician will get near telling it like it is when it comes to race.

  8. Detroiter

    I added a link to your site here at my blog, it would be great if you could do the same for me…thanks!

  9. Anonymous

    Forget Life After People. The nightmare is happening right now in Detoilet. It's reverting back to the Dark Ages with problem people(Blacks)who neither maintain nor create any civilization whatsoever. There are many cities like Detroit, such as Chicago, Camden, St. Louis, Cleveland, Dayton, Jackson, Mississippi, Birmingham, Atlanta, Paterson, NJ, etc. The signs of post civilization are there.

  10. Trish West

    I grew up in Detroit, around the grand river and oakman area…. my grandfather owned a bar at 3rd and peterboro, and an apartment complex on woodward…my mom wemt to cass high school, I went to mackenzie….I used to walk all over the place, but don't think I would wander anywhere around any part of Detroit anymore….when I see the devistation…it breaks my heart…I watched the tanks go down the block during the riots (67), and saw everyone dancing in the streets when the tigers won in 68…sad, sad, sad…no one in that city has any pride of neighborhood, or of life itself!! I would like to know the areas where you take these…outside of the obvious landmarks,,,it's hard to figure out. Sorry for the loss of your mother…still miss mine,,,, take care…. Trish West

  11. Anonymous

    Why is Detroit a cesspool? Good question, but answer not hard to figure out. A short story from my experience as an inner city teacher (looking back, a waste of time).

    As a reward, I once gave one of my female (black) student a very nice ink pen. It came in a nice display box with extra cartridges, etc. A short while later the class took a test, an ink was needed. This same girl said she didn't have a pen. I asked where her new pen was and with an ugly tone of voice, she said she didn't know. I looked on the floor and it was scattered in pieces with parts of the broken box. When I asked what had happened the girl said it wasn't her fault, she couldn't help it, whining on and on. She asked to borrow another pen, which I would not lend to her. She was mad, complained to her mother how mean I was. Took less than an hour to destroy a nice pen and then blame others for her actions. I never received a thank you when I gave it to her. Does that explain why Detroit is a cesspool?

  12. Anonymous

    I'm a 15 year old white kid from Baltimore. I thought my city was the worst until I saw this page haha. I've been jumped walking out of my local mall by 20 plus darkies, robbed, etc. Don't get me wrong, I like black people. There are some good ones. But the niggers are our problem. We somehow need to separate the black people from the niggers. Or just exile all the god damn nig nogs. Again, I'm only 15 and probably smarter and more mature than ninety percent of black Detroit.

    Light some herb, think it out.
    – Hunter Baltimore, MD

  13. Vicki

    Wow! Some of these comments made me sad, and some of these resonate with. I think that it is time for change. I want everyone to understand that it takes a whole city to change, a whole group to want it. I don't care how lacking in education you are, you have a choice. You can change what you focus on, and er by what you choose to create in your life. It is a travesty to see so much great architecture and so much culture come to this end (all of the cultures that have landed in Detroit; the Mexican, the African; the Polish; etc.) We can continue to fight against one another or choose to unite for some common cause. It is a choice. Make a good one.

  14. Anonymous

    I'm an Army recruiter stationed here at Selfrige National Guard Base, 30 miles north of Detroit. I've been in the military 20 plus years. I have to travel to Detroit to conduct business with the schools and young adults of the city. I can't understand why the self infliction of a myriad of things in Detroit. When I go into some high schools there are more kids in the hallway than in class. You smell marijuana in the hallway. Blatant disrespect towards authority.

    Most of the kids that I have come across place a higher value on materialistic things than education or life itself. I understand that serving in the military is a dangerous job and that you dont get paid much but I have seen it as an alternative to being in an environment that is non productive, and I'm from Chicago.

    The majority of the kids that I process to enlist in the Army usually are not qualified. They either have a severe criminal record, can't pass the entrance exam, fail the drug test, over the weight limit, never traveled outside of Detroit, etc. Not to degrade the city but I have always been a firm believer in that you get out of life what you put into it.

    This can't be an all race thing where blacks are systematically held back. If that was the case, how do you end up with a black mayor, black council memebers, judges, etc. in Detroit? The issue is the lack of respect for self and others. Seriously, the ones that are CHOOSING to continuously bring the city down, should be put out of their misery…children included.


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