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Trash In The Streets

If you’ve ever driven through Detroit, surely you’ve seen a mountain of old tires blocking your way, a boat or 2 on the sidewalk, and bags of burnt garbage on every corner. Many blame the city for having inadequate municipal services such as garbage pick up and recycling centers, but the city does have designated days for trash pick up and will remove bulk debris weight up to 1,000 pounds 4 times a year from the same residence. Any illegal dumping can be reported by calling the DPW Solid Waste Division at 313-224-4636.

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People have been saying that things are being cleaned up in the city, but from what I can tell in my last visit to Detroit 2 years ago, nothing has changed outside of the immediate downtown area. I have noticed that some landmark trash heaps had been removed since my last visit, but new ones also popped up, so really, it seems they aren’t getting anywhere. I will be visiting Detroit later this year and filming “a Tour Of Detroit’s Ghetto: Part 4″, and I suspect it will look just as it did on my last visit.

I will say that the Detroit’s recycling centers seem very inadequate to serve a population it’s size. Here is a map of the entire city’s recycling facilities:

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Note that there is only one facility to take hazardous household waste for the entire city! Unbelievable.

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