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TIME Magazine Bought A House In Detroit

That’s right people, TIME Magazine bought a house in Detroit. Not in the suburbs, but within the city limits. Why? Well, apparently they are going to have a bunch of journalists living in the house for a year and report on the city. I don’t know exactly where this house is, but from the pictures it looks pretty nice. They bought it for $99k, which means it’s GOTTA be somewhere nice, considering the average home price is around $7,000-$18,000 ( I keep hearing varying numbers, hard to know which figures are correct). Here’s a pic of the house below:

See what I mean? A house like this is a rarity in Detroit. To take in the full effect you’d think they would have chosen a house in a bit more, um, “shitty” neighborhood. Otherwise, what’s the point? Might as well have bought a house in the ‘burbs!

Anyways, it ought to be interesting. I’ll be following this throughout the next year. If you want to check out the whole story, go HERE and HERE.

To the brave journalists at TIME, try not to get killed. Godspeed…

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