More Videos Of Detroits Ghetto

Here are some more videos that show the ghetto neighborhoods of Detroit. These are not my videos, these are mine: Detroit Ghetto Videos. Many of the Detroit ghetto videos I have seen on youtube have some of my footage in them, apparently people just splice it into theirs without giving me any credit. Oh well. These are just a few that are worth watching, despite some shitty rap music for the audio tracks on a few of them.


The Detroit ghetto videos:

Related Images:

3 thoughts on “More Videos Of Detroits Ghetto

  1. Ronduck

    It's nice to see that you have your own blog now. I used to comment on your videos under the name RonduckAZ, but after awhile repeating myself got old so I stopped.

  2. Admin

    I know what you mean about repeating yourself, it gets pretty old. Some of those hardcore Detroit lovers have a hard time accepting reality.


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