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Although this isn’t really Detroit related, but Flint is close enough. Does anyone remember the game “Dort Highway Hos”? I recall playing this game online about 10 years ago. I don’t know why I thought of it this afternoon, but curiosity finally got the best of me and I decided to look it up and post it here. It’s nothing special, but mildly entertaining to anyone who has ever been to Flint, or “little Detroit”.

Basically, you’re a pimp on Dort Highway, and you start out with $200. The whole game is pretty much what you see in the screenshot below. My favorite item is the “STD B Gone”, lol.

Dort Highway Hos

dort highway hoes

Another funny game I remember hearing about was called Ghettopoly. It’s Monopoly, but based in the hood. Again, this was around 10 years ago. The 4 railroads were replaced with liquor stores, and the game pieces included a 40oz’er, machine gun, pimp, ho, basketball, crack rock, and marijuana leaf. It wasn’t long before people started complaining about it being racist, and it ultimately got pulled off the shelves. The owner continued to market it himself until he got sued for copying Monopoly. It now sells on Amazon for around $90 due to it’s rarity.

ghettopoly board

And finally, there’s a game called “Ghetto Getaway”, in which you are in the hood trying to outrun the police in your car.

Ghetto Getaway

Ghetto Getaway

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