Forbes Magazone Calls Detroit "America’s Most Miserable City"

Another dismal statistic for Detroit. In 2008, Forbes Magazine has labeled Detroit the most miserable city in America, read about it HERE. How Detroit was only ranked #7 in 2009 is beyond me. All I know is, 2009 was a rough year for the city, with an unemployment rate closing in on 30% and home prices falling faster than ever, it’s a shoe-in for the 2010 ranking when they come out.

What do you think? Have you ever been to another city in the US that was worse than Detroit in terms of overall quality of living?

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One thought on “Forbes Magazone Calls Detroit "America’s Most Miserable City"

  1. Anonymous

    It's miserable because the people of Detroit choose misery. And yes, it is pathetic and miserable. They elected corrupt leaders, have for decades, without fail, and they are completely reliant on entitlement programs. They do nothing to improve their own city. In fact, they run off all businesses and programs that could improve the city, by raising taxes so high that no business would ever go there, or by simply blocking any outside involvement (except for the money they take and demand).

    The teacher's union is composed of subpar excuses for teachers who refuse any programs that would improve education. No teachers in any other part of the country get paid if they don't perform. Detroit's teachers get perks if they don't perform.

    Same could be said for the UAW and for Detroit City Employees Union.

    None of them perform anywhere close to acceptable, yet they demand ridiculous pay & benefits. And get it! Everywhere else, people have to earn those things. Not in Detroit!

    The people of Detroit brought this on themselves. They built an entire culture of corruption, entitlement, excuses and thuggery. Now they can live with it.


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