Devil’s Night In Detroit – 2011

Another Devil’s Night in Detroit brings another round of arson, although fire were reported to be down in numbers this year. Only 18 fires were reported according to the Detroit News, down form 169 last year. Wow, what a huge decrease in fires, right? Some might say it was the 50,000 volunteers patrolling the streets that night. Me, I say they’ve already burned everything! Had to say it. But seriously, that’s great to hear. It’s just a shame what great efforts the city must go through just to keep people from burning shit.

Here’s a couple of videos to watch showing the action of Devil’s Night 2011:

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2 thoughts on “Devil’s Night In Detroit – 2011

  1. Briana

    Whoever made this website get a life. There are more citys out there that you can harass. You people who aren’t even from Detroit so shut up. Go humiliate St. Louis, Cleaveland or Chicago.

    1. MetalinthehooD

      Ha! I love getting comments like yours. It just shows how ignorant YOU are. Just because I don’t have to live in that toilet you call home doesn’t mean I don’t have the right to show the rest of the world what Detroit looks like. Detroit has humiliated itself through the actions of it’s own residents, don’t blame me for showing what others have done to the city. Why not pick a bone with your buddies who are setting fire to buildings, shooting each other, stealing cars, throwing garbage on the ground, spray painting everything, etc… you know, the ones who actually made Detroit what it is, instead of bitching about someone who has not contributed to the problem whatsoever? Good luck with your irrational logic and low cognitive ability, I’m sure that must make life difficult for you.


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