Devil’s Night 2009 Stats Released!

The final numbers are out for this year’s Devil’s Night(which the city is trying to call Angel’s Night from now on): 119 fires in the 3 day Devil’s Night period. This is down 12% from last years total of 136 fires. The effort can be accredited to the Detroit Fire and Police departments, Department Of Homeland Security, and 30,000 individual volunteers, compared to over 50,000 volunteers last year.

It amazes me that there are still those who wish to destroy the city they live in, and then criticize people like me for filming it and posting it to the internet. The finger should be pointed at those destroying the city, not filming it… am I right?

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2 thoughts on “Devil’s Night 2009 Stats Released!

  1. Don Cordell

    Unless Americans elect Don Cordell as President, this will be the scene in most American cities in the next 20 years. We must stop the destruction of America. Close our borders, stop trading with the enemy, stop the Communist overtaking of America. Please.


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