Detroit has the 6th Largest Abandoned Structure On Earth!

I recently heard that Detroit had one of the tallest abandoned buildings on the planet, and after a quick google search, I confirmed it. The Broderick Tower ranks as the 6th tallest abandoned structure on Earth at 35 floors, or 369 ft. Also in Detroit is the infamous Packard Plant, one of the largest abandoned buildings in the word in terms of square footage at 3.5 million sq/ft. Read the rest here:


The Tallest Abandoned Structures on Earth


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8 thoughts on “Detroit has the 6th Largest Abandoned Structure On Earth!

  1. the guy in the silk taffeta dress

    It's a disgrace what's happened to Detroit.I love the city and keeping in touch w/it thru your blog.

  2. Anonymous

    They say that Ostankino Tower is abandoned, but it is not! Shortly after the fire it was fixed and got back to work. So, Detroits building is at least 5th.

  3. just jess

    So, I have to say that I don't understand the point of your blog or your videos. I live in Detroit and while it is true that it isn't the best place in the world, it is still full of life where there are people. Not everywhere is a devastation and there are people who are making a real effort to improve the city. It is a disgrace that you say you are from this city and are only worsening its plight with your negativity. What is the goal of your one sided reporting on a city that has had rough times? If you are going to document Detroit why not contribute to its reincarnation? Not drive it back into the ground. Have some pride.

  4. outsourced customer service

    I would agree with you jess, posting such i thing would just worsen Detroits impression with people. I hope you just made something positive.

  5. Admin

    Yes, the Packard Plant has Broderick Tower beaten in terms of square footage, but the article I was reading was referring to the tallest. My fault for wording it as "largest" in place of "tallest". The Packard is actually the largest abandoned industrial building in North America at 3.5 million sq/ft.


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