Detroit: A Dying City

This was aired on CBC March 30th, 2009. It shows how bad things are in the city of Detroit right now. Thanks to cherifa123 for sending me the link to the video on google video, which I was then able to download and upload on Youtube.

These are the main points that I retained from watching this video:

-A man who hunts raccoons and sells the meat to make a living.
-120 square kilometers of the city are vacant, an area larger than than city of Vancouver.
-22% unemployment(which is now actually around 29%).
-Homes selling for $1.
-Median home price is $6000 and falling.
-Wild animals are moving back into the city… pheasants, coyotes, even beavers.

In another video that can be seen on CBC’s website, they state that 40% of the downtown area is vacant. This is exactly why I say that most of Detroit is ghetto, numbers don’t lie.

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