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Zombies In Detroit

Zombieland Theme Park Proposed In Detroit

I recently stumbled across a video on youtube which proposed a plan which would take 200 acres of land in Detroit and turn it into some sort of zombie themed amusement park. For years now, people have commented on my Detroit Ghetto videos referring to zombies and how perfect Detroit would be for something like this. Detroit would truly be the perfect setting for such a park, if it were ever built. I think it’s an interesting yet very ambitious idea, but you be the judge.

The plan is to put up a large perimeter wall to fence in the park area. Inside, the abandoned homes and factories will stay in place and become part of the park’s “game play”. The buildings would need some improvements to make them structurally sound and safe for park visitors, and the video’s creator does acknowledge this. There would be a hoard of zombies running after you, and your goal is to survive the night by hunkering down in a building somewhere. Yes, this would be an overnight experience. You can be turned into a zombie by making contact with another zombie, at which point you join the mob and hunt down non-zombies.

While they have stated that there are no weapons of any kind, there would be a patch system in place. Basically, everyone wears a patch that can be torn off your clothing. If you lose yours, you become a zombie. Tear one off a zombie, and you’ve “killed” him. Personally, I think some type of laser tag system would be much better. But, as stated at the end of the video, there needs to be some refinement of the game play. I’m sure this will be highly requested if the project goes any farther.

I’m not going to get into the details, everything is pretty much explained on the creator’s website. To learn more about “Z World Detroit”, or to donate money to their fund raising project, visit

Streets of Detroit

Detroit Voted 2nd Most Dangerous City In The US For 2011

Well folks, it’s that time of the year again. The time when Detroit is yet again in the top 3 most dangerous cities in America. Last year, based on the 2010 stats, Detroit was number 2 and Flint was number 1, as voted by Forbes. This year, based on 2011 stats, Flint is 1 and Detroit is 2nd. However, it’s pretty bad either way, having the top 2 most dangerous cities in the same state and only 65 miles apart. Sorry Detroit, you are making yourself look bad again.

Read the whole article here:

Detroit Street Lights

Detroit May Shut Off Half Of It’s Street Lights To Save Money

The city of Detroit has 88,000 street lights, of which around 40% are broken. The decision to trim down it’s street lights to 46k units isn’t final yet, but Mayor Bing says it could save the city up to $10 Million a year in maintenance costs alone. The savings would come by using contractors to maintain the lights instead of salaried employees of the city. However, this plan is contingent upon borrowing $160 Million to upgrade the current street lights as well. How bad are the lights? Check out this picture I took on Michigan Ave back in 2009:

Detroit street lights

The city has made it clear that it does not want to light up distressed areas. Some neighborhoods are only 10-15% occupied, and therefore are not economically viable to provide the same level of services that more populated areas receive.

ghettopoly board

Ghetto Games

Although this isn’t really Detroit related, but Flint is close enough. Does anyone remember the game “Dort Highway Hos”? I recall playing this game online about 10 years ago. I don’t know why I thought of it this afternoon, but curiosity finally got the best of me and I decided to look it up and post it here. It’s nothing special, but mildly entertaining to anyone who has ever been to Flint, or “little Detroit”.

Basically, you’re a pimp on Dort Highway, and you start out with $200. The whole game is pretty much what you see in the screenshot below. My favorite item is the “STD B Gone”, lol.

Dort Highway Hos

dort highway hoes

Another funny game I remember hearing about was called Ghettopoly. It’s Monopoly, but based in the hood. Again, this was around 10 years ago. The 4 railroads were replaced with liquor stores, and the game pieces included a 40oz’er, machine gun, pimp, ho, basketball, crack rock, and marijuana leaf. It wasn’t long before people started complaining about it being racist, and it ultimately got pulled off the shelves. The owner continued to market it himself until he got sued for copying Monopoly. It now sells on Amazon for around $90 due to it’s rarity.

ghettopoly board

And finally, there’s a game called “Ghetto Getaway”, in which you are in the hood trying to outrun the police in your car.

Ghetto Getaway

Ghetto Getaway