3-30-2010 Update

I just wanted to give you guys an update on the next Detroit Ghetto video. The truth is, I haven’t even transferred the video from my camcorder to my computer yet. The last few months have been a blur with the death of my mother and now a cross-country move is fast approaching. I am in the process of selling my house in Florida and will be moving back to the Detroit area in mid April of this year. Hopefully this move will be as temporary as possible, I don’t want to have to be up there any longer than I have to. I love the Michigan summers but the rest of the year I personally find very dismal and depressing… cold weather and gray skies for 8 months out of the year just doesn’t do it for me.

This video will get done eventually, it just hasn’t been a priority for me lately.

I will leave you with this though:

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That’s right… Obama Gas”. I took these pictures while filming part 4 this past December. Only in Detroit!

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20 thoughts on “3-30-2010 Update

  1. Anonymous

    Thanks for updating us camo silver. That picture of obama reminds me of the kremlin. Welcome to the ussa, only in America. Detroit seems to be the perfect place for an obama gas station.

  2. Anonymous

    To bad you tube changed. No ones gonna be able to know how to find your blog now. You tube sucks now.

  3. Anonymous

    This blog is absolutely repulsive. I'm sure you have never lived in Detroit and therefore you are taking a one sided approach to this whole blog. You aren't showing anything but the negatives of Detroit. Why is there no video of the new developments of Southwest Detroit? Why are there no videos of the numerous community service projects that Detroiters come together at to make our city better? You are simply trying to make money off of showing the bad of detroit. You dispute the history and culture of Detroit an the impact it has on the nation and the world because you are too small-minded to see anything other than what you want to. If you want to make this blog actually worthy of existence then how about showing detroit in its entirety good and bad and then calling on government officials, and the community to do something about it with the footage you have. You also should poll people that are actually in Detroit, not its suburbs, about what causes the demise…you obviously haven't since race is a top reason. One that i highly doubt detroiters would cite. Also you should take off the link for malt liquor on the side because it honestly makes you look racist for using a stereotype as such on this page.

  4. Nicole Arrington

    I am from Detroit and I learned of your pointless plot to degrade Detroit as if it needs any more Exploiting! What is your point here? I don't understand your purpose to show pictures of a decaying city? Are you attempting to seek supporters to assist Detroit financially or are you a shallow pointless camera thats pointing a finger like, "Look at their city it's in decline." I don't live there but nothing can't replace my home. I have traveled the globe as a product of Detroit, and will return home for culture and realness that others cities lack. Please, for the future of your senseless blogs and video's, have a point to what your doing. At least stand for a just purpose.

  5. Anonymous


    Please give me a break. Detroit is a disaster area. You of all people should know better. Look at your government and schools. Where's the retail in Detroit? It's close to nonexistant, okay. Please look at your own city before criticising somenone.

  6. Bill

    Man I am sorry that you are going back to that ses-pit. As for nicole and anonymous, did you read anything here? He did and will again live in detroit. So knowing that makes you both look stupid.
    If there are so many good things going on why dont you show it? Because you cant.
    Anyway, Goodluck on the move.

  7. Randall

    Interesting blog and videos, I first became interested in Detroit a few years ago when I ran across a story about the Lee hotel which was abandoned and standing vacant and vandalized. The article was about dozens of terra cotta lion sculptures that were ripped out of the facade over months time, leaving gaping holes. It went on to include a Chicago antiques salvage dealer cited for receiving stolen goods, some of which had been sold to a contractor and installed on new buildings. The police recovered about half of the stolen lions.
    Not sure if the Lee is still there or not, have not seen it in any of the recent videos, so maybe it was demolished.
    Coming from NYC I remember the 70's and how bad the abandonment in the South Bronx was, the city was tearing down 500 buildings a month and couldn't keep up, it looked like Beirut after the war, burned out wrecks of buildings, vacant lots, trash all over, vandalized vehicles strewn all over.
    But eventually that area and the Lower East Side of Manhattan which was not much better, became tree lined neighborhoods, the change is astounding when I look at Google street views.
    The big cause back then there was real estate taxes and rents that were locked by law, where you had apartments in tenements under rent control laws whose rent was ridiculously low, around $125/mo each, in a 5 story building with typical 4 apartments/floor and a ground floor store, but being taxed something like $30,000 a year by the city! The landlords WALKED away by the droves.
    The same apartments not under rent controls might have been $1500/mo, but under rent controls and tenants who lived in the same apartments for 20, 30,40 or more years, their rents were CHEAP and by law could not increase to the market rates.
    Do the math there, such a building taking in $25,000/year rents paying out $30,000 a year in real estate taxes alone, it simply didn't work.

    It looks like Detroit's problem is from a different cause(s) but the end results are the same, abandoned, burned out hulks littering the landscape.
    It's sad for me to see the grand solidly build decorated buildings such as the train station and the like, abandoned and decaying. I know from experience that the likelyhood of such buildings being preserved and renovated, especially in today's economy is slim to non existant.
    A Cass Gilbert 1906 landmark that was severely damaged by the WTC collapse WAS restored perfectly, but the cost was around $100 million as I remember, it was converted into high end co op apartments.
    It was a great project and saved an important, unusual high rise vintage building. But that $100 million only saved *ONE* building.
    With asbestos, lead, and mercury remediation and all the other costs involved, any rehab project is going to cost a LOT of money. Some buildings can be retrofitted into other uses, a tiny public library here where I am was sold by the city for $1 and the new owner converted it into a high class successful bistro. SOmetimes old schools and fire stations can be converted into apartments, but some are just too big or their layout is not compatable with modern uses.

    I don't see any viable answers to the problem any time soon, unfortunately.

  8. Anonymous

    This must not be a top priority for you, since you are not black. Just to let you know my father Herman Canty was one of the 43 victims that was killed in the 1967 Detroit Riot. And yes he was black. I have never gotten over the fact that I had to grow up without a father during my childhood and adult years. You should have some sympathy for those 43 victims that lost their lives and left there families behind to grieve. I was only 12 years old at the time. Most of the stories told about the victims were not true. The police used any excuse just to cover their actions for killing the victims.

  9. Anonymous

    Moving back to detroit just might have saved your life. Florida is gonna get hit hard by death clouds and tsunamis from the gulf oil spill.

  10. tyler

    How does it feel to let down thousands of people? By the time you come out with your new video it will be years old.

  11. zygone

    Sorry for saying that camo silver, I posted as Tyler I think I was drunk when I wrote it. It seems like I'm the only one waiting for the new video. Do it on your own time. I got a new google account.

  12. Anonymous

    i must say these pivtures tell only half the story. buildings in the brush park area being restored.however,looters are moving on those properties as fast as the restoration.how sad

  13. Anonymous

    Hi there, thanks for this site.

    On your voting poll at the top, can I just say that it may be beneficial if it was reworked so there was an option of "all of the above".

    While I think that race is a primary factor in the city's decline (and certainly a major factor in preventing any revival – the city is now genetically, & ipso facto, behaviourally, African), it is surely a combination of dynamics that have brought the city as far down as it has fallen – a single industry town, hyper empowered unions, etc.

    Thank you.

  14. JustNet

    Hi, I'm from Brightmoor… no, no, don't back up!…(LOL) I have TONS of crazy pics in my neighborhood if interested. Your pics are strangely reminiscent of mine! (Amazing job and pics on the site, btw) I'll be sure to tell my Honky's you're here! JustNet
    I'm admin @ http://www.knowmarijuana.com …I am sure you'll edit the web addy out, but its cool 😉 its there for the pics

  15. Anonymous

    great blog-and your clips on U-tube- I have no words for why or how people let this happen.why is it that every place that has large numbers of blacks is ruined beyond recognition?Why?is there any data that can explain why people like this feel trashing,breaking,burning everything in sight makes life better? I am not trying to be racist -but come on-why toss trash in your own yard!Detroit is a lost cause just like every crack house communist demo-dolt area.It will take more than a rap-tard SUPER BOWL spot to create a new image. DOZE IT…


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