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detroit people mover rail system

Detroit’s People Mover Rail System Is A Ghost Twon

Like everything else in Detroit, the People Mover rail system is losing money. Even during the 2014 Detroit International Auto Show, the busiest time of the year for Detroit, hardly anyone rode it. The People Mover rail system covers only 2.9 miles, and only moves in one direction. It also has 13 stops along the way. It makes a loop around the perimeter of downtown Detroit, but doesn’t service the residential areas beyond.

Public transportation has never been very popular in Detroit, in defense of the People Mover. As you might expect from the Motor City, people here all own cars and drive wherever they need to go, even if it’s only a short distance away. That’s just the way it is here… cars are part of the culture of Detroit. I rode the People Mover last year when I went to the Orion Festival on Belle Isle, and we were the only ones on it. It was a very strange feeling, like being in an empty amusement park but with all of the rides still moving.

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