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3-30-2010 Update

I just wanted to give you guys an update on the next Detroit Ghetto video. The truth is, I haven’t even transferred the video from my camcorder to my computer yet. The last few months have been a blur with the death of my mother and now a cross-country move is fast approaching. I am in the process of selling my house in Florida and will be moving back to the Detroit area in mid April of this year. Hopefully this move will be as temporary as possible, I don’t want to have to be up there any longer than I have to. I love the Michigan summers but the rest of the year I personally find very dismal and depressing… cold weather and gray skies for 8 months out of the year just doesn’t do it for me.

This video will get done eventually, it just hasn’t been a priority for me lately.

I will leave you with this though:

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That’s right… Obama Gas”. I took these pictures while filming part 4 this past December. Only in Detroit!

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