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Forbes Magazone Calls Detroit "America’s Most Miserable City"

Another dismal statistic for Detroit. In 2008, Forbes Magazine has labeled Detroit the most miserable city in America, read about it HERE. How Detroit was only ranked #7 in 2009 is beyond me. All I know is, 2009 was a rough year for the city, with an unemployment rate closing in on 30% and home prices falling faster than ever, it’s a shoe-in for the 2010 ranking when they come out.

What do you think? Have you ever been to another city in the US that was worse than Detroit in terms of overall quality of living?

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Submit Your Photos NOW! Detroit’s Ghetto Needs You.

I am trying to get a user submitted photo gallery going, but I can’t do it without you! Submit your photos, videos, stories, anything Detroit related to us now and we will be glad to feature your work on our site, with credit to you of course.

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Half A Million Views!

My original “A Tour Of Detroit’s Ghetto” video just hit 500k views! Thank you to all those who support me, and I want to let you all know that I will be working on Part 4 very soon, so check back often! I will be filming another Detroit ghetto video this winter, so look for it sometime early 2010. Detroit’s ghetto is so vast, I could probably film 20 more of these videos and still not run out of new and original footage.

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Coming Soon To Detroit’s Ghetto

In the near future I will be making some additions to the site, including a photo gallery of my personal Detroit pictures, as well as a gallery with user submitted photos, and I would like to set up a section where you can submit your stories about Detroit, good or bad, for everyone to read. If you have any photos, stories, suggestions, comments, or anything you’d like to share, please submit it to us by using the Contact form.

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